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Welcome to our Wikipedia Portal!!!

At present, this database is complete for core material of the 3.0 Dungeons & Dragons. What we have here are NOT scanned texts, but presentations of the rules by those who play the game. You thus get more than the rules, but hopefully details on how to moderate them properly.

The one request for the Wiki was a presentation of campaign material. Eventually hope to have maps, scenarios, and such present.

No 4th D&D being supported here (well, unless somebody ELSE does it). This is the material TerishD compiled into his game book. These pages are presently being examined. Presently the improved (1.3.2) rules are edited with links coming when printed. This section is presently up-to-date (and hopefully will stay that way).

In case you want some hopeful background or reference to characters and places.

Editing links for those want to learn how to do their own work

Of course, there are members who can help. Questions should be put on the forum, or PMed to those members you think might have an answer.
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Some member's pages

There is a current events page, but mostly you should be here to learn what you can.

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